BCHW/USFS Chain Saw and Crosscut Saw Certification Program

Crosscut Saw Sharpening References

Remote Communications Test   New

Trail Inspection Report Form
 PDF Form,(PFD form best for printing and hand writing)  DOCX Form  (Best for computer  editing) NEW

Preparing For Your First Backcountry Trip

Packing a Crosscut Saw

NEPA - The National Environmental Policy Act

 Anza man, horse rescued near Lake Hemet

The North Cascades Grizzly

What Should a Mule's Foot look like?

Utah Panniers

Where Did That Rock Come From?  (Where and what to sleep on in the backcountry)

The Care and Feeding on the Packer

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

A Safer Footing  (Tungsten Pins for horse shoes)

Extending the Life of a Shoeing

Using Round hay Bales

Equine Training Tips

Washington Horse Camp GPS Coordinates




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