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Prez Says from BCHW President Kathy Young

I am pleased to announce that  Nicole Sedgewick has been hired to fill the Executive Director position for BCHW.   Dave Sunde and I spent the last 3 months interviewing candidates and we had final interviews in March with the 3 strongest candidates for the position. All 3 were well qualified, and the decision was not an easy one. All three candidates had skills that would be very desirable in an Executive Director.

Nicole has a high level of  professionalism and a background as a teacher. Her experience with event planning, her enthusiasm and the thought that she has given to the position  helped to make the decision to hire her.
You will not likely see her on an horse or mule, but she did say that she would pet one. Nicole is  a member of BCHW along with her husband Micheal, she lives in the Maple Valley area.  She is currently putting together a short bio that I will share along with a photo.
Nicole will start working with Darrell right away, to get set up and start some training. Nicole and I will be meeting Darrell in Moses Lake on Friday, 4/14 to get started.  I will be introducing her to our committee chairmen, and other officers as can be arranged. Nicole plans to attend the Joe Watt Canyon ride May 20 and will be looking forward to meeting some of you there.

For now, please continue to address email for the Executive Director to exec@bchw.org. Darrell will help with mail and getting issues to Nicole as they work through the transition. We will get her direct contact info out soon. Nicole will of course be attending the June BOD meeting, where we will  finalize this process with the BOD.
Thanks for your support, and please direct any questions that you have to me or to Darrell Wallace.

Kathy Young, BCHW President

You can contact Kathy at: 

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