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Prez Says from BCHW President Kathy Young

Spring may finally be coming! Things are starting to happen. One of the most important events will be Sawyer Training at American River/Naches. It is coming right up, scheduled for May 5 and 6. This training session will not only certify and re-certify our Evaluators, but the USFS will be certifying a select number of sawyers for felling operations. Aaron Pedersen, Pacific Northwest Region Regional Sawyer Program Manager, will be present to observe training and to provide the training and evaluation for our sawyers that have been identified to be certified for felling.

I think we all need to consider a couple of things about our Letter of Agreement with the Forest Service that allows BCHW to self-certify the chainsaw and crosscut program.

 1. We have developed a good reputation for running the program. We are developing and certifying skilled and safe sawyers that follow all of the established protocols.  We were able to put together our current BCHW Sawyer program to be one of the first organizations to comply with the new Forest Service Regulations.

2. We need to have a clear path of communication for all questions and issues that come up. Any questions, concerns or issues should be referred to Tom Mix and Tony Karniss as the authorized Lead Sawyers for our program. Tom and Tony are responsible for administering the program and for our communication with Aaron Pedersen. By ensuring that all questions are directed through Tom or Tony we will accomplish two things. We will not add any confusion to the administration of our program when talking to Aaron and the FS and we will be certain that any change or new information is distributed by our Lead Sawyers to update all sawyers, our Executive Director and me. 

Executive Director Nicole Sedgwick will be attending the training, and is looking forward to meeting each of you. She will be working with Darrell Wallace, our soon to be ExExec to learn about the tracking and documentation that will be an ongoing requirement for the program.

Have a safe and productive session. Id love to hear some feedback from those of you attending the session.

Kathy Young, BCHW President

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