Proposed Timeline for Appointing NOVA Committee Members (2SHB 1698)


June 11th

First ad hoc steering committee meeting to discuss make-up of the NOVA Advisory Committee

June 13th

IAC distributes notes from June 11th meeting, to confirm the decisions that were made.  Comments/corrections due June 17th.

June 20th

IAC distributes draft NOVA Advisory Committee documents to steering committee for review:

·        This Timeline

·        Recruitment Letter

·        Policies/Charter

·        Application Form.

June 24th

Comments due from steering committee on above 4 documents.

June 25th

IAC sends Advisory Committee Policies/Charter, along with Agreement Dynamics’ notes from June 11th meeting, for broad constituent review.  Broad review to include IAC’s database of persons “interested in NOVA Program”, current applicants, and the entire fuel use study group.

Comment due dates:

  • For supplemental mailing to IAC board, due June 30
  • For distribution at July meeting, due July 8th
  • For testimony on day of meeting, July 10.

July 10th

IAC board meeting, Olympia (staff memos to the board for this meeting should be available to the public by June 30).

July 14th

Distribute NOVA-Advisory Committee recruitment materials:

  • Cover memo
  • Policies and Charter
  • Application.

July 28th

Advisory Committee Applications due in IAC office.

August 4th (week of)

IAC Director appoints NOVA-Advisory Committee members.

August 21 (not confirmed)

First full Advisory Committee meeting with Agreement Dynamics and the additional representatives identified in Section 2 of 2SHB1698.


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