Pro’s and Con’s

   Developing a Jr. BCH Division of the Backcountry Horsemen Organization 

Family and Chapter Financial Obligation



  • No fees to enroll= no chapter income

  • Printing flyers and handouts = $ costs

  • Low cost family oriented function

  • Travel is not required, local rides are available

  • No competition clothing required like 4-H

  • New source of membership, a junior at 18 becomes a new perpetuating member not turned out like 4-H or FFA with nowhere to go.

Increased Monthly Participation/Children at Adult Functions

  • Meetings disrupted by Jr’s
  • Alcohol Present at functions
  • Not a positive influence
  • Facility needs to be bigger
  • Signed contract now requires them to act accordingly and safely or leave.

  • Any function can be labeled as Adult ONLY

  • Brings the Kids & Parents together they don’t leave kids at Daycare or with teenagers

  • Grandparents can bring Grandchildren with a signed Medical Authorization and Liability Release as required by BCHW.

  • Increases attendance in the general membership when parents are in attendance and the Jr’s meetings are at the same time as the adults.

  • More people to help out with the every day tasks


  • Lost knowledge
  • Inexperienced Riders on rides
  • Educating at Different Levels
  • Vital Horsemanship knowledge can be passed on from the experienced Members to the youth.

  • This happens now with adults. If we start with the youth and educate them on proper techniques they will become experienced adults

  • Teaching at the lowest level is an educator’s  responsibility in every form of education. We have experienced a more intelligent and eager group of kids in our program. We have 9 year olds tying Double Sheet Bends.

  • Peer teaching is used when ever possible to avoid  experienced kids from getting bored.