As a member of the Jr. BCH Division I agree to up hold a high standard of personal behavior. I understand that I not only represent the Jr. Division I also represent every one in BCHW N.E. CHAPTER and other members across the state and across the nation who belong to the BCH Organization.

I will uphold the ideals this organization supports and agree to do my part to protect the back country in itÂ’s natural state while recognizing every ones right to do the same. 

I also recognize the potential for accidents and injuries to myself, my fellow members and all livestock present.  Because of this possibility I may be asked to remove my livestock and/or myself due to unsafe or unacceptable behavior. I understand that my membership may also be revoked at any time for the same reason.


JR MEMBER   X                                                                    


I                                                        , parent/legal guardian of _________________________________

Have read and agree to the standards and the information enclosed in the enrollment packet for the BCHW Jr. Division.  I have also made clear to my child all the information enclosed and explained to him/her how his behavior will influence his right to participate or be removed from the organization.  

I have also completed a MEDICAL HISTORY AND LIABILITY RELEASE FORM included with this packet. 


Legal Guardian