Jr. BCHW, An introduction

Welcome to a new generation of Backcountry Horsemen.  Al Sammons, Our National Chairman recently asked the question  “Are We a Vanishing Breed?”  I sat in my chair quietly after reading his article, dumbfounded that someone actually gave merit to the Jr. BCH program.  After almost 2 years of existence I couldn’t have wished for any better invitation to stoke the coals and get the fire burning hot once again. 

Unofficially the Jr BCH Pilot Program has existed for 2 years and has been recognized and adopted by BCH of America and BCH of Washington as an Official Program in 2001.  The following pages are an outline used by the Northeast Chapter of BCH of Washington to pilot the Jr. BCH Program.

 It is my hope that each and every state belonging to BCHA finds it in their heart to take a real look at the merits of this program.  It has increased the participation of our chapter meetings, given new life to the  old timers (I say that with admiration and awe at the fact that horses were a way of life to most of our chapter members,  as a “Green Horn” I envy that part of our heritage, and it has given the “Leave No Trace” program a new generation of users to impact. 

We invite you to explore the possibilities of passing on your “experiences, hard knocks, and lessons learned throughout your lifetime” to a child, grandchild, neighbor or friend.  After all if you don’t take a new generation packing in the “backcountry” who will? 

Please use the following documents to develop a program that works for your organization.  Feel free to contact me anytime regarding questions you may have about the program, participation, funding, activities, guest speakers or presentations on the program itself. I can be contacted at the following e-mail address: goulette@icehouse.net, or write to Jody Goulette, 5066 Swenson Rd., Deer Park, WA 99006, (509) 276-6411, evenings after 8pm Pacific time. 

Best of Luck to you all and remember in the spirit of “Leave No Trace”

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Hoof Prints & Good Impressions on young minds!

Jody Goulette,
Jr. BCH Founder

Table of Contents (Links) 


Link to NE Chapter Jr. BCH

Jr. BCH Photos


Jr BCH Pack Demo team

Safety Program

Officer’s Guidelines & Books

S.T.E.P. (Standardized Test and Evaluation Process) & Rating Levels

Guide for Educational Subjects & Ideas

Washington State Patrol Background Check and Disclosure Statement

Required for all Advisors and Volunteers who work with the Jr’s unsupervised

Created by Jody Goulette for more Information Goulette@icehouse.net