To:       American Horse Council Organizations


From:   American Horse Council


Re:       Great Outdoors Month – June 2005


Date:    January 26, 2005


Plans are underway for celebrating “Great Outdoors Month” this June.  This designation by President Bush will give the recreational community the opportunity to showcase how important recreational activities are to Americans by specifically focusing on the many and varied activities during this period.


We want the horse industry to be included in this occasion in a prominent way.  Initially, we want to be sure that equine events occurring during this period are included on the official Great Outdoors Month calendar.  Opportunities for inclusion are very broad.  The calendar will list trail rides, competitions, volunteer activities, special demonstrations, shows, meetings and conferences, training events, etc.  Please submit a list to us of such events that you or your members have planned from Memorial Day through July 4 so they can be posted on the Great Outdoors Month website.


Great Outdoors Month


President George Bush designated June 2004 as the first “Great Outdoors Month.”  It’s success led the recreational community to do it again with the hope that it will become an annual event.  June was agreed upon for several reasons: 


·        Heightened media interest in outdoor activities beginning with Memorial Day and continuing through the 4th of July. 

·        The many recreation community events which occur during this period including National Trails Day, Great Outdoors Week, etc. 

·        The desire by the Administration to handle the many requests for proclamations and messages during this period by members of the recreation community in one all-encompassing manner. 

·        The belief that focusing the media and government leaders on recreation in a unified manner during this time period will be a more efficient and powerful message of how varied and important recreation in America is.


“Great Outdoors Month”  has several goals:


·        To create the opportunity at a national level to generate significant national media attention on the benefits of participating in outdoor recreation. 

·        To build greater efficiencies and effectiveness through collaboration. 

·        To get our federal agencies, Members of Congress and the Administration behind messages that support the wonderful things that happen when America’s families recreate together outdoors. 

·        To build upon and leverage these opportunities to enable the outdoor recreation community to use these efforts to host meetings and legislative dialogues in Washington, D.C.


We Need Your Input


The AHC would appreciate hearing your ideas and suggestions for equestrian events which are planned, or could be scheduled on the national and local level, during this month.  We would like to prepare a list so that the importance and breadth of riding activities will be recognized.