LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT This award is for the BCHW member or couple who has shown a lifetime of dedication to BCHW by actively pursuing and promoting the organization and the BCHW Mission Statement in a variety of ways. This award is recognition, not a contest.  Lifetime = 2


LOPPER AWARD This award is for the BCHW member who had demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to their chapter or to BCHW by participation and promotion of what the BCHW Mission Statement stands for. This is kind of an All Around award, with the nominee being active in several different aspects of the many things that make up BCHW.  Lopper = 3, maximum 4

CAMP COOK This award is for the BCHW member who willingly keeps the campfires burning and the kettles hot and full of delicious food to share with others. Whether it is at meetings, work parties or social functions, they are in the kitchen making sure all are well fed. Camp Cook = 1

TRAIL WARRIOR This person may not make all the chapter functions or even own a computer but they are out rain or shine, day in and day out, working on the trails. Trail Warrior = 3, maximum 4


DESK JOCKEY This person is one of the behind the scenes people, always at a computer or running from meeting to meeting. They keep the wheels of our organization turning.  Desk Jockey = 2, maximum 3


JUNIOR BCHW Our future! Who stands out in your chapter? This person would participate in chapter events such as work parties, fund raisers, LNT/education, training or BCHW promotion such as parades. Junior BCH = 1, maximum 2


BACKBONE This award is to recognize that special member who is always there when needed, ready and willing to do some special job that no one else can or will, sometimes at the last minute. This is a member who is very important in keeping the chapter, organization or event operating smoothly. Backbone = 2, maximum 3


CINCH AWARD This award was created to recognize those hard working BCHW members who have consistently and competently carried out jobs at the state level, year after year.  Recipients shall be Volunteer Committee Chairmen, Volunteer Committee member, or an UNELECTED state officer - they keep the wheels of this great organization running smoothly. They may or may not be very visible - they may be quietly working in the background, reliably doing their jobs.  They may or may not be active or hold an office in a chapter or even be a chapter member, but they are invaluable at the state level. Cinch Award = 1, maximum 2



The President's Diamond Award is decided autonomously from the BCHW Awards Program - the BCHW President awards a person or persons "In recognition of outstanding dedication, passion and commitment to the BCHW mission" President’s Diamond Award = 1, maximum 2


Keep in mind that photos, news clippings and letters of recommendations from BCHW members and land managers will help the judging team learn about your nominee.  Start collecting documentation from chapter projects, work parties, fundraising events, education training and other BCHW programs.


BCHW Awards Committee

Lynn Wilhelm-Howell
Contact Info:  redboots4u2@gmail.com  206-498-4622