Region 6 USFS BCHW Blank Certification Cards

Unauthorized use of these cards is prohibited.

National Sawyer Certification Card   -  Posted 12 22 17 - PDF

As we conduct our initial certification or recertification events - we generate completed forms. Two of those forms get sent to Darrell and the rest are kept in your files. A copy of some of the forms may be wanted by your local land managers. Darrell needs both the Saw Certification Reporting Form to update our sawyer roster and the 2 sided Chain or Crosscut saw Evaluation forms. You may want to keep a copy of the Evaluation forms for when you next review that sawyer.   Your local land manager may want a copy of your completed tailgate safety meeting.  

Please let Tony Karniss or me know if you identify folks that you recommend be instructor/evaluator certified.    

Thanks, Tom Mix

Processing of sawyer forms -
Update coming soon.....

(Note New 
Saw Certification Reporting Form )

Current List of BCHW Lead and Saw Instructor/Certifiers -  PDF File   MS Excel File (Posted 4-28-17)

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