The Cody Horse Camp Page

The Lewis County Chapter of the BCHW is working with the US Forest Service to build the new Cody Horse Camp located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  The sixteen unit horse camp was promoted by the late Cowlitz Valley District Ranger Harry Cody.  Thanks to Don and Lona, Jim and Nancy, Doc and Deb, Leonard and Sherri, Don and Sally, Bernie, Loren, Robert, Steve and a bunch of other folks at the Forest Service the camp is now under construction.

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Onsite meeting, June 29, 2002 with Leonard, Lori, Von, Jackie, Harry and Tom (left to right)

Entrance to proposed camp, June 29, 2002 with Tom, Von, Jackie, John, Harry, Leonard and ? (left to right)

Onsite meeting with USFS representatives, September 10, 2003, Don Diemert (Chapter member), Jack Thorne,   Gary Deibold, Steve Hoecker, Tom Savage and Dean Lawrence (left to right)

Camp construction was started on 9-22-03 with the falling of trees in the road right of way

Don in the future road

Don and Bernie digging out the drive way to number one campsite

Don at work with his excavator

Don and his dump truck loaded with stumps and slash from the horse camp construction

Bernie digging out the drive way to number one campsite

Don clearing the camp ground loop road

East entrance 9-22-03

East entrance and Don leaving camp 10-6-03

West entrance road 9-22-03

West entrance road 10-6-03

Hundreds of logs were skidded to clear the way for roads and campsites

And more logs heading to the log deck

And more logs

The road construction cleanup crew, Jim, Deb, Doc, Steve and Don, 10-6-03

The Jim and Don road construction crew, 10-6-03

Camp sign by Don (with a little help from Lona)

The road to the Cody Horse Camp, 10-6-03

Camp site plan

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The new Cody Horse Camp is located about 27 miles southeast of Randle, Washington
Elevation 3100 feet
Directions from Randle:
Head south (across river) bare left in about one mile and follow FS 23 18 miles to FS 21, bare left onto FS 21 and follow FS 21 about 4 miles to FS 56. Turn right onto FS 56, pass Adams Fork Camp ground, road crosses the Cispus River and turns to gravel.  Stay on FS 56 about 3 miles to turn off to Orr Creek Snow park and Keenes Horse camp (don't turn here), then 1.7 miles further on FS 56. You'll come to a small road to the right  (FS 054), don't turn here, then cross the Muddy Fork Creek and turn right on FS 059 road . Follow it 1/4 mile and turn left on FS 060 road. Your there.

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