2004 Rendezvous Photo Gallery

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The Rondy Girls at work

Flag presentation during the opening ceremony by the Sunsations

The Sunsations during the opening ceremony

Member of the Sunsations

Members of the Wenas Valley Muzzeloaders and Doc Wesselius (with flag)

Gene Bailey and his pack stock

Cowboy Mounted Shooter in action

Non-Stock Hitch Tying Contest/Demo

Gary Wright and Jim Wurst

Packing contest in action

Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking

Traci Koch Dutch Oven Cooking?

Dutch Oven Cooking

Saturday Dinner

Saturday dinner

Live auction

Lester the mule came to the auction

L to R: Janelle Wilson BCHW Secretary, Kris Moran BCHW Treasurer, Dave Jackson Vice President and Rick Johnson BCHW President at the General Meeting

General meeting, Rachel Benjamin, SW Washington Jr. BCH President

General Meeting, Jo Dasso

General Meeting, Melinda Harden, Motivational Speaker

Dennis Daily

Steve Didier

Need a pickup or hat?




The Winner of the Old Hat and Shirt Contest: there was this Ghost wearing stuff from 89. Photo by Marikay Cumpston

Tasting the Chili Cookoff...Hanna, Phyllis Morgan..Bo Shut and Dennis Morgan of Pierce County Chapter. Photo by Marikay Cumpston

Sandy Wade riding Turbo in the Obstacle course, Photo by Marikay Cumpston

Obstacle course: Marikay Cumpston on Turbo.

Photo by Dale Kelley

Lauri and Bill Gallion and Barbara Vache, Photo by Marikay Cumpston

The Rondy Girls, Photo by Marikay Cumpston

The Chili Cook-Off, Photo by Mairkay Cumpston

The Chili Cook-Off, Photo by Marikay Compston

The Chili Cook-Off, Photo by Marikay Compston

Ray Watkins, Chainsaw raffle winner and Jeff Diekes, Raffle Chair

Janelle Wilson and Terry Wood, Portrait Photo Contest Winners

Janelle Wilson, Camplife Photo Contest winner

Dave Welch, Wildlife Photo Contest Winner

Crosscut Saw contest winners, Larry Davis and Jim Thode

Jerry Pace, Truck and Trailer Rodeo winner

Daren Moorman, Novice Truck and Trailer Rodeo contest winner

Jill Veach, Womens Speed Packing winner

Linda and Jill, Century Packing contest winners

Marikay Cumpston, Old hat and shirt contest winner

Jordon Pace, Youth Obstacle Course winner

Marty Howard, Breakfast and Main Dish Dutch Oven contests winner

Rick and Colleen Buckley, Dessert and Chili Cook Off Dutch Oven Contests Winners

Dutch Oven Oakland Bay Chapter participation winners and Mary Kane (2nd from right)

Rondezvous Co-Chairs Barbara Vache and Kim Wells with Stan Kavasted, Stan was the high point packing contest winner