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Back Country Horsemen of Washington (BCHW), is a 501 (c) (3) organization with 32 chapters across the state dedicated to: keeping trails open for all users; educating horse users in Leave-No-Trace practices; and providing volunteer service to resource agencies.
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Leadership training is an important aspect of what we do and how BCHW manages our organization. This annual training is very important for both new and continuing officers, and for committee chairpersons. It is open to all members, and I encourage members to attend, there is knowledge to be gained for everyone. 
I realize that some members do not prefer to navigate the winter roads, so I encourage you to set up a carpooling. Those of you who are driving, please offer your extra seats when you can. This training is really important and also a good place to share ideas and learn from each other. For newer members it is a good place to learn how to increase your involvement in Back Country Horsemen of Washington.
Thank you, 

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The 2018 Rendezvous is just around the corner,  click below for details and check back for updates

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Click here for the full January - February  TRAILHEAD NEWS

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BCHW Board of Directors December 2017 Meeting Minutes

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